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    July 4, 2013

    Everest app launches in SA

    Everest, the popular iPhone app aimed at helping people achieve life goals and dreams, has announced its launch in South Africa on Thursday, July 4th, available for immediate download on the Apple App Store.

    “Nelson Mandela, Christiaan Barnard, and Elon Musk have inspired me“, says co-founder and CEO Francis Pedraza, “so I am excited to see the goals and dreams the rest of the people of South Africa will accomplish with Everest!”


    From learning a new language, to getting in the best shape of their life, to teaching their kid how to ride a bike, Everest helps people break goals into smaller daily steps, get support and accountability, and beautifully capture their journey.

    People had added over 1,000,000 steps to their goals since the app was first released in the United States in January.

    Everest is also announcing a new feature this week: Dream Journeys, a beautiful new web interface for sharing progress and asking for suggestions.

    The first South Africans who accomplish these goals on Everest will be recognized:
    1. Commune with nature on a safari in Kruger National Park.
    2. Explore fossils of the first humans in the Sterkfontein caves.
    3. Snap a photo of a whale at Hermanus Village.
    4. Learn to stand-up paddleboard at Cape Town‘s Sunset Beach
    5. Support the Bafana Bafana at an international football match

    Everest is a new app that tries to approach a very broad idea ““ make you achieve your dreams. This can include anything from career ambitions, to simpler experiences in life.

    Everest is currently backed by a few high flying investors, including Peter Thiel. Everest works by taking your ambitions and breaking them up into smaller pieces which bring you ever closer to achieving your personal goals.

    The founder makes a few interesting points ““ people tend to not really share their ambitions, and do not tend to write them down. Because of this, they cannot really follow a process to break them into steps (which obviously make them easier to achieve).

    Everest uses these dreams and helps you achieve them by getting encouragement and tips from other people who might have gone through a similar ambition as well. According to the CEO Francis Pedraza, it is a perfect opportunity for a tech startup to attempt.

    The app is very elegant, but it is quite difficult to think about what your dreams are once the the empty “œI dream to“¦“ field faces you. Luckily the explore function does have some great suggestions. For example, you can choose “œrun a half marathon“, and define it as a new dream. From there you can assign steps to achieve it ““ for example, your training schedule.


    The other important part which Everest helps with is getting support or encouragement. For example, you can choose people who might have experience in running marathons. Everest uses Facebook to get this support.

    Pedraza does not refer to Everest as an app ““ rather a platform. Dreams and goals can easily be integrated into bigger dreams ““ for example, you might want to get fit (which is a goal in itself), but you want to do it for a larger goal of looking good at your wedding. Smart.

    It also has lifeblogging function ““ you can add images and moments to dreams. Dreams do not have to be public ““ you can also choose to make certain dreams private.

    The App is now finally available in SA as well – go grab it here.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

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