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    October 24, 2017

    Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could have a display notch to accommodate a fingerprint scanner

    Samsung Galaxy S9 display notch

    Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S9 may adopt a display notch to offer room for a front-facing fingerprint scanner above its bottom chin.

    Perhaps one of the most controversial elements of both the iPhone X and the Essential Phone is that both accommodate a display notch – a cutout where the glass of each smartphone’s display laps around. According to a new rumour, Samsung Galaxy S9 could also be in line to inherit the feature – with the very different goal of housing a front-facing fingerprint scanner.

    Where both the iPhone X and Essential Phone have top-mounted notches for either their front-facing cameras or (in the case of the former) a 3D-sensor array, the Galaxy S9 would apparently have a bottom-mounted notch where Samsung would return to offering its classic front-mounted fingerprint scanner.

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    Owing to difficulties in embedding a fingerprint scanner beneath a glass display, Samsung was forced to introduce a rear-facing fingerprint scanner next to the Galaxy S8’s primary camera – a decision it doubled down on with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

    The concept has been outlined in detail in recently filed patents, which show that future Samsung devices beyond the S9 may accommodate a cutout notch as well.

    Samsung Galaxy S9 patent

    The Galaxy S9 might introduce fleshed-out fingerprint scanner gestures as a result – eschewing the software buttons found on the Galaxy S8 for an approach echoed closely by Motorola’s Android handsets.

    Of course, the potential for an embedded fingerprint scanner does still remain – earlier this year Qualcomm debuted one such solution, though Samsung may still prefer to develop its own proprietary offering to keep a closer handle on component costs.

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    What are your thoughts? Would you rather see the S9 keep a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, or opt to use a sensor housed in a display notch instead? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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