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    September 20, 2017

    RSAWEB fights off brute-force attacks, hackers down multiple websites

    RSAWEB – one of South Africa’s largest internet service and hosting providers – has come under fire from brute force hacks that have downed several websites.

    RSAWEB has been forced to take ‘extreme measures’ this week after a brute force attack downed several of its clients’ websites and deleted their content.

    Hackers successfully managed to down 2OceansVibe earlier this week, threatening that the move was only the beginning of a large-scale offensive. Hackers have claimed that a string of some 50,000 client contact details have been plundered, and that an initial 20,000 of that number have been published.

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    At the time of writing, Google has deleted cached access to the list.

    2oceansvibe hacked

    Source: @thelifeofbyron | Twitter

    RSAWEB yesterday published a security notice, advising its users that it was aware of the situation and was taking any and all steps necessary to secure its online services and the privacy of its users.

    Ian Cook, Commercial Director at RSAWEB, cited that “We have taken extreme measures to secure all access to security enablement services which would allow hackers access to websites if compromised.  We have also blocked access to any public and other access ports which may be vulnerable.  Intensive monitoring has been initiated on all RSAWEB hosted web servers, looking for any abnormal activities, so as to catch any potential intrusions before they occur.”

    RSAWEB has advised its customers to change their passwords immediately and backup any sensitive data, in addition to updating plugins and themes on their websites.

    The company has promised to keep its users abreast of the situation, and has a dedicated support hotline available on 087 470 0652 for customers who suspect that their websites may be hacked. For customers seeking technical support to secure their web presences, a dedicated number is available on 087 470 0655.

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    We’ll be sure to update this story as news develops.

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    • thats not a bad breach compared to the breaches weve seen in recent years