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    Duke Nukem Forever footage looks… meh

    By now the most famous game never to have been made, Duke Nukem Forever almost, almost crossed the publishing finish line sometime this year. But legal woes, perhaps owing to the 13 ridiculous years the game spent in development, pulled the plug on the game before it saw the light […]

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    Imagining Natal

    To help visualise the exciting possibilities ahead for the FPS genre on Microsoft’s upcoming Natal motion control interface, these skilled Spanish actors have put together a demonstration video for the curious public. Imagine playing a tactical shooter, for instance, with nothing except a bad attitude. No bunny hops, mind! (Video […]

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    Darksiders coming to PC

    Although it was first outdone by Bayonetta, then completely eclipsed by God of War 3, Darksiders was a good game. For consoles, that is. But PC users will soon be able to join in the fun. THQ is tailoring the game for desktops and lappies, and it should be out […]

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