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    South African Developers to breathe new life into Windows Phone Apps

    Recently Bandwidth Blog spent some time with Windows Phone 7 (with the Samsung Omnia 7), and despite a great operating system and user experience, we were critical of the lack South African support – both for customers and developers.

    Microsoft has announced a series of brand-new enhancements to its App Hub developer portal as part of the highly anticipated ‘Mango’ release.

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    Skype Rolls out Skype Wifi to help Travelling iPhone/iPad users find affordable Wifi

    One of the big irritations of travelling abroad is the high prices of international roaming costs. Nevermind calls, the data rates are simple daylight robbery. Luckily Skype has now made it a little easier for us, and has re-released Skype Wifi, and they also rolled out a iPhone and iPad app to help you quickly connect to one of their preferred wifi networks.

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    The Future of Interfaces – Why OS X Lion looks like iOS

    As you might already know, Mac OS X Lion launched recently with a lot of the new features taken straight from Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. The Launchpad looks like the iPad, application state-saving, inverted (natural?) scrolling, full-screen apps and an app store amongst other features. There are subtle interface changes that give hints to what Apple are planning.

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    What are the Personality Characteristics of iPhone vs Android Users? (Infographic)

    Yeah – there is a bit of a war brooding out there. And its not Microsoft vs Apple. Its the battle of the mobile OS’s. So take a look at this infographic that details the personality characteristics of users of iPhone and Android. Hunch is a pretty great site that makes recommendations based on things your personality and things you already like, so they have a pretty strong database to draw these correlations from. Here are some interesting findings:

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    Just Announced: Google to Acquire Motorola Phone division

    Google has just announced that they will be buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, at a 63% premium over the current shareprice. A relative bargain if you ask me, especially if you consider all the patents they will acquire in the process as well. The smartphone race has recently become all about patents, and this will give Google a key advantage.

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