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    SuperSport Updates Their iPad App

    Just in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, there is a new way to watch sport with SuperSport’s latest iPad application. The application, that reflects SuperSport’s current multimedia platform strategy, allows fans to experience their favourite match tournaments like never before taking second screen viewing to a whole new […]

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    Samsung announces new Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note Smartphone

    Goodness, Samsung seems to be carpet bombing the smartphone and tablet right now – they will now have smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already pretty great, but there are always people who preferred the original Galaxy Tab’s 7 inch size – it is roughly the size of a notebook, whereas the 10 inch might be too big for some people’s tastes.

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    Is Nokia Dead? Far from It… (Infographic)

    We are all very quick to write off Nokia with recent developments in the smartphone wars. Sure, its Symbian operating system is getting very old (yet Nokia still keeps rolling them out), and we are still to see the first Windows Phone 7 Nokia phone, despite the deal being announced quite a while back now.

    But take a look at this infographic which puts things in context.

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    South African Developers to breathe new life into Windows Phone Apps

    Recently Bandwidth Blog spent some time with Windows Phone 7 (with the Samsung Omnia 7), and despite a great operating system and user experience, we were critical of the lack South African support – both for customers and developers.

    Microsoft has announced a series of brand-new enhancements to its App Hub developer portal as part of the highly anticipated ‘Mango’ release.

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    Skype Rolls out Skype Wifi to help Travelling iPhone/iPad users find affordable Wifi

    One of the big irritations of travelling abroad is the high prices of international roaming costs. Nevermind calls, the data rates are simple daylight robbery. Luckily Skype has now made it a little easier for us, and has re-released Skype Wifi, and they also rolled out a iPhone and iPad app to help you quickly connect to one of their preferred wifi networks.

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