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    July 4, 2013

    ZTE launches first Firefox OS phone for consumers

    Mozilla announced that they would delve into the smartphone operating system business some time ago, and some developer phones had been handed out at MWC 2013. Back then, we saw that it was going to be on the cheaper side of the smartphone scale and Mozilla did confirm it later on. Now they have launched their first consumer phone that is available for purchase, caused the ZTE Open, launched in Europe first. Later on it will be released in emerging markets in both Asia and South America, with plans to expand into Africa also being discussed.

    We knew that the phones would be cheap, but not THIS cheap. The ZTE Open launched in Spain first with a price of €69 which is even cheaper than the developer unit showed to the press earlier in the year. Not only is it cheap, but it also comes with €39 worth of airtime for prepaid costumers. This means that, in essence, you pay €30 for a smartphone. How the public will take to this cheapie remains to be seen, but at that price it might be worth the buy just to see how the ecosystem evolves.

    What do you think Mozilla has in store for us with Firefox OS?

    Listen in to our latest podcast!