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    December 19, 2011

    Want an iPhone 4S? Who Gives the Best Contract Deal in SA?

    The iPhone 4S has finally been launched in SA this past weekend – but the networks kept their cards close to their chest in terms of deals. Pricing was only officially announced on Thursday, and not through very public channels. Pricing is definitely better than expected, but it is clear that networks are trying to limit the choices of contracts you can receive a free phone with.

    For example, last year you could get a free iPhone 4 with a Vodacom Top Up 275 contract, with 100meg of data at R379. This year, Top Up customers are not as lucky – I was quoted R3000+ pay in on the Top 315 contract. So if you want a iPhone 4S, you are pretty much forced to go for the more business orientated contracts. Luckily the pricing is not too bad, if you take the entire bundle into account. Here is Vodacom and MTN’s deals, with the iPhone 4S 16 GB deals. (Click to enlarge):

    Overall the Vodacom iPhone contracts look like the better deal, especially considering that the iPhone is a device that needs a lot of data to be used effectively. If you want a 4S with a larger storage capacity, the pricing goes up quite a bit. You can of course also buy the phone cash:

    iPhone 4S 16GB: R7699

    iPhone 4S 32GB: R8999

    iPhone 4S 64GB: R10299



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    Listen in to our latest podcast!