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    October 22, 2012

    Vodacom launches 89c/pm International Rates

    Vodacom has announced the launch of its international calling promotion that offers customers the lowest rate in South Africa when making international calls directly from a cellphone. Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers will pay 89c per minute anytime, provided they cough up a R5 charge per month. This promotion will be available from 21 October to 31 December 2012.

    This is in contrast with Cell C which launched their 99c per minute rates to much fanfare. Vodacom users might well have the lower rate per minute, but the R5 fee per month seems somewhat strange. Cell C CEO (and ex-Vodacom CEO) Alan Knott Craig even went so far as to say Vodacom “œscrewed customers long enough. Let them keep their R5“³. (MyBroadband, TechCentral)

    But R5 is not a high fee to pay for much improved international calling rates. We are pretty certain Vodacom users with family or friends overseas will subscribe to the service. The limited time deal seems curious though – hopefully Vodacom will keep the offer open in 2013.

    To benefit from this great offer, customers can opt in by dialing *111# and follow the prompts on the 89c international calling menu. Calls are billed per second, from the first second. A R5 monthly fee will be charged. Customers can opt out at any time by dialing *111# and selecting “˜opt-out‘ from the 89c international calling menu.

    The international calling promotion will be available for calls made to the following countries:

    Your move MTN.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • They just hoping to score from people who dont ‘opt out’ after two months and keep taking their R5 despite offering no additional services that warrant them taking that money!

    • JC

      Too little too late Vodacom. I’m very happy with my move to Cell C, for more reasons that the call rate.

      • MIke

        Hi JC… I promise you, It won’t be long before these guys see the last of me tooo… they have become far worse than pathetic!


      Have you guys never heard of Skype Call. I have a 400 minute subscription to Russia (Landlines and Mobile phones) and it costs me 9.99 euros a month, which equates to 32,5 cents a minute at todays exchange rates. the call quality is also far superior, on average. to a cellular connection to Moscow. This subscription can be cancelled any time I wish to cancel it.
      Sure there would be extra costs involved in using the mobile providers 3G networks, but at home I have uncapped ADSL, so this cost does not even come into the equasion. At The end of the day it is cheaper for me to phone Russia than to phone my next door neighbour using the cellular networks.

      • Rémi

        Well, you have uncapped internet that really expensive…

    • MIke

      please excuse my ignorance (or there might just be something I am not seeing)… does this mean vodacom is charging less for their international calls than their local calls?

    • Fred

      This is inline with Vodafone’s offering in the UK 5p per minute to call foreign land lines, and you pay a £5.00 per month subscription for the service. At 89c per minute it would equate to an exchange rate of 17 to the £, but the R5 certain is nowhere near the £5 for the service.

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