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    December 7, 2012

    Vodacom iPhone 5 Pricing – We Break It Down

    Vodacom seems to be the first South African network willing to give their pricing for the iPhone 5, which will launch on 14 December.

    On the pre-registration page Vodacom shows the additional cost of an iPhone 5 16GB Black above the specific contract normal subscription cost, which is not really easy to analyze. So we went ahead and threw it all into one spreadsheet.

    Here is the iPhone 5 16GB cost, broken down into total cost per month:

    So what do you think – is the iPhone 5 worth the monthly cost? With the previous iPhone 4S launch Vodacom had decidedly better pricing than MTN. As you can see above, there is quite a bit of a price increase from last year’s iPhone 4S offering. This can be blamed on a weakening rand, but we reckon Vodacom built some decent future cover into these prices – the rand is about R1 weaker compared to last year this time.

    It should be mentioned that the iPhone’s cost price has not increased compared to the 4S in 2011 in first world countries.

    Now we wait for the Cell C and MTN pricing. 8ta has also confirmed that they will be getting the iPhone 5.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Saconsumer

      Vocacom remains the most expensive with the worst service as well as deceptive and fraudulent business practices. I recommend getting iPhone 5 on any other network.

    • Rico

      vodacom have removed the “upgrade” option on their pre order system on their website. they also show in bold that a consultant will contact you to complete your “new” contract. There are going to be thousands of angry consumers that have pre ordered under an “upgrade” and will most probably not be contacted this week to complete the order.