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    February 29, 2012

    Nokia to Shrink Product Line, unveils cheaper Lumia 610 Windows Phone

    The entire mobile industry is currently focussing on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so it was a great time for Nokia’s CEO to announce some strategy changes for Nokia. The most important revelation is that Nokia will be cutting down on the number of devices it releases – and instead will focus its efforts on fewer models.

    “We don’t see it as a single device strategy or anything like that, but it will be pared down” Elop mentioned to Business Week. After a declining marketshare due to poor platform choices, Nokia finally decided to switch to Windows Phone, after the then-new CEO called Symbian a “burning platform”. Nokia is clearly not going to follow the same business model as Apple, which only ships one new iPhone model per year.


    Nokia’s strength lies in having phones that sell very well in the low-end, but they lost a lot of market share at the top end. The recently released Lumia line of Windows Phone devices hopes to change that though. But Nokia is not aiming to only sell the Lumia to the very high end of the market – they just unveiled their new Lumia 610 device for the mid-range.

    The Lumia 610 will be a lower-specced Windows Phone device, but will sell at a reasonably low $250 price, which significantly undercuts other Windows Phone devices on the market. It will have a 3.2inch 800×480 display, and a plastic body with a metallic rim. The phone will ship with Nokia’s apps as well – which include Nokia Music and Nokia Drive, which we really enjoyed on the Nokia Lumia 800. In terms of internals it has a 800MHz processor and 256MB RAM, which might not be much compared to the higher end Lumia 800 (see our review here), but this phone is aimed at the lower end of the market.

    Despite these lower-end specs, we reckon it is still a much better buy than other lower priced Nokias that run Symbian. Expect it in Q3 2012 in SA.

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    Source: BusinessWeek

    Listen in to our latest podcast!