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    April 24, 2013

    Nokia launches Asha 210 with dedicated WhatsApp Button

    Now this is a smart move. Recognizing the shift away from SMS, Nokia has embraced the WhatsApp standard for their new low cost Asha 210 phone. The new Asha 210 features a dedicated button to access WhatsApp, and a full qwerty keyboard for messaging addicts. Well done to Nokia for not creating some proprietary messaging standard that only works on one brand. WhatsApp is an excellent choice – and you will not be charged a yearly cost to use it.

    The phone is still very much an entry level device, so the specs are nothing to brag about compared to the latest and greatest phones which seem to grab the media’s attention. But that is not the point of the Asha range. The Asha 210 has a 2 megapixel camera, which also has a dedicated button to fire up. The device also comes pre-installed with Facebook and Twitter apps.


    Recognizing the phone’s potential market, Nokia has made the phone smart about the way it uses your data. When you move away from a wifi network, it will keep your data charges to a minimum using Nokia’s Xpress browser that compresses web pages (similiar to something like Opera Mini). Right now more than 80 million people are already using Nokia’s Xpress browser, so it’s phenomenally popular. There is also a dual SIM version available, but we cannot confirm whether it will be available in SA.

    One benefit of the lower end of the market is that phones like the Asha 210 has a great battery life. Nokia claims 46 DAYS (!) of standby for the Asha 210. Even if it reaches a quarter of that in real life use, count us impressed. Despite the low $72 cost (without taxes), the device looks pretty good as well, and features a good rubberized keyboard.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!