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    August 27, 2014

    Magnetic – SA productivity manager launches on iPhone and Android

    Magnetic is an all in one cloud based business management platform. It aims to make businesses more efficient by helping them manage Sales, CRM, Project & Task management, Accounts and HR in one simple to use system. The biggest challenge businesses face these days is being over extended and under-managed, and Magnetic helps businesses by giving them visibility into their business in the crucial areas.

    Magnetic launched its beta version in 2011 and official to market mid-2012.

    The most recent milestone is raising a round of funding from Tim Bishop which has helped them expand their team and their international reach, but the biggest win is the announcement of the mobile apps.

    Why is having a mobile application beneficial in today’s market



    Mobility. Teams need to be mobile and while away from your desk you can’t afford to fall behind. Having a mobile collaboration and sales app at your finger tips allows you to say up to date when you want, from wherever you want. The boss needs to see what everyone is up to from where ever he/she is.

    App Features

    Many of our clients track time so with the app they can click a button on their task and track time and with another click switch to tracking time on another task.

    Sales people can pull up the last communication with a customer and assign a followup to somebody back at the office.

    The home screen shows you what tasks and follow-ups you have for the day.

    mag3The Magnetic Mobile App has been built to be a fully functioning version of the Web App. Now you can manage your business on the move!

    But the real fancy features are actually coming in the next release such as automatically syncing your work phone calls in to the CRM system.

    Next Milestones

    The company’s next target is to be at 5 000 companies by end 2015. Everything they are doing is with that goal in mind. For the clients they serve they have some interesting features lined up, one being the auto time tracker.

    Download the app from iTunes and Google Play.

    More information: MagneticHQ

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • cubenate

      Hi, when posting article like this can u also include links to download?

      • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

        Apologies, it has been added. Thanks.

        • cubenate

          Thank you.

    • Gareth David

      The app works great on Windows Phone… oh no wait, it doesn’t… it doesn’t exist on Windows Phone, nevermind.