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    November 7, 2012

    Infographic: The Cost of Mobile Broadband in SA

    Lilian van Zyl from Moneysmart made this great infographic showing the current cost differences in SA when it comes to mobile broadband. South Africa’s current explosion of mobile phone use have led to massive increases in the amount of data we use. In fact, we are pretty sure that for some some users, the data bundle attached to a contract is of greater concern than the talk time.

    Moneysmart‘s infographic focusses on prepaid data rates, and show some very clear differences in price. The current smaller cellular operators are obviously heading for price war in the data sector, which we feel is a lot more relevant than the recent international call decreases. But enough with the chat, see the infographic below:

    Courtesy of: moneysmart


    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Antonie

      Actually MTN is the best option with the uncapped package.

      • Shana

        Well, it cost R50 per day and they throttle you down to 150kb/s after 150mb. So for one day you can possibly get more, but it will be slow as hell when you hit the fair use policy.
        And it expires after 24hours.
        And remember this is for pre-paid data bundles.