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    March 25, 2013

    HTC drops “Quietly Brilliant” Slogan

    HTC has been using the “Quietly Brilliant” tagline in its marketing for the last few years. Problem is that companies like Samsung and Apple spend ridiculous amounts of money on loud marketing, and the humble HTC attitude is not being heard anymore.

    The thing is that HTC does not need to be quiet about their “brilliance”. Their latest One phone is one of the coolest phones we have tried in a long time, with a great aluminium shell and full HD screen. While it does not have all the (some would say gimmicky) features that the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 is flaunting, the One has a certain maturity that none of the other Android phones out there has.


    HTC’s new chief marketing officer, Ben Ho has mentioned that the company “hasn’t been loud enough” in showing off its products. He has been especially critical of the Samsung Galaxy S4, saying it is “more of the same”. HTC has been more daring in their latest smartphone flagship with a more premium build and new Sense software layer.

    Ho has also been critical of the Galaxy S4’s software features, saying Samsung has focussed more on marketing instead of innovation. Bold words.

    Source: Engadget

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Glad they dropped the slogan, it was way too modest. HTC is a cool company with great products. Time to not be quiet about it.