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    May 29, 2013

    Get it together Cell C


    (Not a picture of the author)

    I recently moved house, and upon moving in I realized that Vodacom has almost no signal in my area. So, after having a Vodacom contract for more than a decade, it was time to move to another network. So I jumped at the chance to finally move to Cell C. On Saturday I went to the Cell C store in Tygervalley center to get a Nano SIM for my phone, which I would need before I port. The sales lady informs me that a Cell C Starter Pack with a Nano SIM will cost me R150. Upon enquiring why, she tells me it is a “very expensive” SIM card to manufacture (which I happen to know is BS).

    I then walked over to Game (just a few stores away), and bought the very same Nano SIM Card Starter Pack for the royal sum of R1 and the Game employee tells me that she is well aware of the “skelms” at the Cell C store. So I buy it, and walk back to Cell C to ask the store manager if they are aware of this. She tells me yes, but they cannot do anything about it. Apparently other stores (like Game) buy their SIM cards from “Cell C Direct”, and the Cell C franchise stores get their SIM cards from Cell C.

    First off, I know my issue is all about the (some might argue) measly sum of R149, but it is things like this that affect your brand’s reputation. Right now Cell C is punting itself as the most innovative network with their customer’s interests at heart. I must agree, their current offerings like Supacharge prepaid make it very hard to ignore, and I believe their smartphone deal packages are much better structured than any other network.

    But here is the thing. If you want to attract people to your network, maybe you should not charge 150 times more at the very store that carries your brand name. This is all about trust – I know other retailers ask R1, and so I immediately distrust Cell C after this. Take note – I don’t distrust only the store, I actually distrust the brand after experiencing this class of service. If a store carries your brand name, it becomes the face of your brand. The employees and the service in the store become your brand representatives. If they are dishonest about why a SIM card costs more, potential customers will notice this.

    Customers should not have to understand your complicated corporate hierarchy or franchise structures – they should simply receive fair service.

    Get it together Cell C.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Uthmaan

      Don’t trust them either, I bought their 3 GB for 12 months data sim for my iPad and it expired after 3 months. Went back to the shop and they told me I need to load air-time every 3 months to keep the sim active for 12 months. I asked them what I must do with airtime on my iPad, then they said I must load data. Ask them why I must load data when I sill had 1.5GB left on the card?, they had no answer. This requirement was not mentioned anywhere on their website or their ads. Got an 8ta sim instead.

    • Jammer777

      Difficult to take you seriously in that pimp suit.

      • Jonathan

        That pic is from quite a popular meme on Reddit. It is not the writer.

        • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

          Not just Reddit. The internet is flooded with this douche. 🙂

    • Jaun Lombard

      Vodacom, Telkom and MTN does the same thing!

    • Moose1234

      You’ll be even more disappointed when you realise that their network coverage is crap and that LTE is only available in small sections of certain metropolitan areas!!

      • Tony

        I will second that! Their coverage and signal is dismal, you spend three times as long on each call because nobody can hear a word you are saying, so it works out a lot more expensive than the other operators.

    • Dave Angelo

      Same thing with all the networks. Went to Vodacom store for a pre-paid micro sim and was told about R160. I laughed and walked away.

      • M

        hahahaha I laughed too!

    • M

      Cell C has a problem indeed, but I’m backing em to fix it cause man they have good packages. Vodacom is fast becoming too expensive and one gets the feeling they think they’re shit (I know I know they are)

    • Eugene

      Ive been having such issues with a new galaxy S4, but i cant get hold of a manager or anything. You only have the CEO desk and they cant help… Does anyone have a number of a manager or somethign you can contact regarding this request

      • Jaun Lombard

        Calling Cell C is pointless! They give you a reference number and promise to call back in 48 hours but they never do! The best line to take is cell C’s Facebook page. The person that run their page is actually very helpful. Pop him an inbox with your problem and he gets people to call you! If he doesn’t help post it on Cell C’s Facebook wall for the world to see and then you will get a response!