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    October 18, 2012

    FNB offers additional discounts on Smart Devices and Laptops

    Gadget junkies have always liked FNB for their great app and smartphone and tablet deals. FNB today announced that new and existing FNB Cheque Account and Credit Card customers can now qualify for an additional discount on their already reduced retail rates for a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This additional saving is available to both new and existing customers who have both an FNB Cheque Account and Credit Card, and constitutes a total saving of up to R2 400 per device provided the user pays for the device over a two year period.

    The offer will apply to all brands and models in the FNB range including the popular Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBooks, BlackBerry smartphones, Samsung SIII and new Samsung Note 10.1, Acer Windows laptops, to name but a few out of the range of more than 20 devices.

    This offer enables customers, who purchase a smart device, to get an additional discount of up to either R50 or R100 off their monthly smart device re-payment, provided they comply with certain conditions using their FNB accounts.

    Kartik Mistry, Head of Smart Device Products at Core Banking Solutions, “In order to completely bank our customers, and to demonstrate the value of using electronic and non-cash banking and payment mechanisms, FNB is giving back more to both Cheque Account and Credit Card customers who transact using electronic mechanisms rather than the traditional branch and cash type methods. Our aim is to make electronic banking conveniently accessible to all our customers and to reward them for using those electronic banking and transaction methods.”

    Johan Maree, CEO of FNB Credit Card comments “FNB Credit Card is pleased to bring this exciting discount to their customers, making the purchase of a smart device even more affordable. Existing customers who have already purchased a smartphone, tablet or laptop will also benefit. For example – if a customer took up the Apple iPad offer at R169 per month, and they also have an FNB Credit Card and meet the qualifying criteria they will benefit from up to R100 discount per month, and will now only pay R69 per month.”

    The discount of R50 kicks in when a customer who has or who applies for a Personal Cheque Account, also takes up and uses a Credit Card with FNB. The discount becomes even more substantial and increases to R100 per month when the customer switches a credit facility to FNB. The customer however does have to use the credit card and keep cash withdrawals at an ATM to a minimum.

    Since adding the various devices to our offering we have seen a strong demand for all devices across the range. “We will continue to add new devices and encourage new and existing customers to use our platforms in our drive to provide accessible and convenient banking services to our customers,” concludes Mistry.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • jew

      Perhaps they should stop with all these complicated incentives and focus on improving the accounts department. The debit order is deducted every month on the 25th, it is impossible to move this to a more convenient time (eg the 31st when actual normal people get paid 0_o) FNB thanks for mkeaking it possible for people like me to buy devices without interest but please fix your accounts mess – you know a statement of the current balance outstanding would also be nice!

      • guest1

        My debit orders are deducted on the 1st of every month, its quite simple to change it, don’t know what you are on about.

    • truthbetold

      my issue with fnb is that they claim how us using internet reduced the expenses. they repaid us with price hikes in june 2012

      • BrS

        Well above the inflation rate too no doubt.

    • BrS

      That R100 discount almost offsets the mandatory monthly account fee.