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    April 10, 2013

    First Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads emerge

    Samsung’s latest Android superphone has many gadget fans salivating, and that massive Samsung advertising budget is bound to come up with some good ads. Samsung has just released their first three ads for the flagship phone, and they do a good job of showing some off the new features.

    Samsung’s current strategy of throwing every possible feature at the Galaxy S4 means that they have to show where some of these features might be needed. For example – you might wonder why you need sound with a picture, and Samsung shows us the charming tale of a son sending his mother pictures of his trip, with sound of course:

    Next up is Group Play, which allows multiple users of S4’s to sync up a track, and allow the music to played over all phones as well. Samsung here uses a basketball team who uses a highly unlikely song to get psyched for a big game:

    And finally, the S Translator app which is perhaps the most useful of the bunch:

    Listen in to our latest podcast!