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    March 4, 2013

    Dropping 8ta is a Great Move by Telkom

    There‘s been a lot of talk about Telkom dropping the 8ta brand despite pushing millions into marketing the brand. Respected brand journalist Chris Moerdyk essentially says this is the biggest mistake Telkom has made in ages.

    Chris is quite patently wrong. Yes, Telkom have plowed tons of money into the brand and it‘s now a waste but the truth is that 8ta is actually a terrible brand. It‘s confusing, the colours are frankly quite heinous and their stores are clinical.

    Telkom is also a crap brand but the truth is that 8ta is actually a decent mobile network. Their data is well priced and they are the cheapest for phones such as the iPhone 5.

    In addition, Telkom users can now get add on data or voice contracts on their current account without extra credit checks and hassles. Telkom has suddenly expanded their footprint for walk in stores or, in the case of both stores being in a mall, save costs. Let‘s not even get into the concept of business customers who now have the ability to bolt on a cheap contract to their ADSL or voice line.

    The Twitterari, tech journalists and marketing consultants might think this a bad idea but they‘ve clearly never been into a Telkom store during the day. It‘s busy, it‘s chaos and it‘s an amazing opportunity for Telkom to suddenly tell the general public that they happen to have a mobile network.

    I don‘t think Cell C will have an issue with 8ta rebranding and it‘s going to be Vodacom or MTN that might suffer from this change with a loss of customers.

    Yes 8ta may have flushed away tons of marketing money but we have no idea whether they were making any money or were getting better results with putting money into Telkom branding.

    Telkom Mobile is going to be a competitor; 8ta was a sideshow.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • The whole marketing department and the person responsible for approving 8ta should be taken out and shot. the truth is that 8ta is actually a decent mobile network. Their data is well priced and they are the cheapest for phones such as the iPhone 5. That really does not help if you not making any money, any fool can loose money

    • I think it might help to talk to actual Telkom customers. The only reason I do business with Telkom is because I need my ADSL line (and I abhor that I have to pay for a phone line that I have in fact disabled completely).

      8ta, despite being the spawn of Telkom, is a pleasure to do business with. I have parted with thousands of rands in data and will part with thousands more in future. Its only articles like the one above that remind me that I should be running for the hills based solely on its heritage.

      So should Telkom Mobile ever see the light of day, I can tell you now Cell C will be the only winner. I can confidently say I won’t be the only one to bail.

      Who would want to do business with an entity that is still trying to shove land lines down our throats?

      My grandmother quit her land line in 2008. 8ta IS the future.

      • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

        Well, 8ta is not the future, as 8ta is no more.