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    April 9, 2013

    Cell C slashes Data Costs

    Last week we reported that Cell C’s CEO was planning more price cuts, but did not want to let his competitors know when he will “deal a uppercut” to them. Cell C has just announced their latest promotional data rates for people who want to get data only contracts, and once again they have significantly undercut their competitors.

    Vodacom has recently matched their pricing for certain packages, so its good to see how quickly Cell C reacts to the competition. Many users were also worried that the Giga packages would soon be phased out, but luckily it is still in place for late night surfers (or downloaders…). The new Giga pricing drops from R249 to R189 per month, and still offers some of the best value for money in SA right now.

    The Out of Bundle rate remains unchanged.

    These latest prices will run from today until 30 June:

    Monthly Data Device Cost PM MB  Cost per MB Out of Bundle Cost per MB
    500MB SIM Only R39 500  R0,08  R0,15
    1GB SIM Only R69 1000  R0,07  R0,15
    2GB SIM Only R99 2000  R0,05  R0,15
    2GB (with 3G USB stick) SIM R119 2000  R0,06  R0,15
    20GB (5GB Peak + 15GB Midnight Data) SIM Only R189 20000  R0,01  R0,15
    10GB SIM Only R499 10000  R0,05  R0,15
    20GB SIM Only R999 20000  R0,05  R0,15


    Source: MyBroadband

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

      Well done Cell C, they are getting closer to 8ta’s SIM only prices.

    • A pity that they cannot compete with data coverage.

      • Jaco van der Walt

        Very accurate statement. I live on the ground floor of a sectional title security complex, might as well be a military bunker! No CellC 3G. I only get Vodacom 3G if i stand next to the window. One guess as to where my router is mounted… 🙂

    • Vergo

      what about the pre-paid costumers

      • My question exactly!!

        I asked the same question to MTN on this article: http://www.mtnblog.co.za/mtn-reduces-internet-bundles-and-packages/ and have had NO reply yet.

        My Question was:

        These deals are great….. If you qualify for a contract!!

        I am on pay-as-you-go and still pay R245.00 for 2 GB of data, whereas contract customers get the same 2 GB for R99.00.

        I fail to understand why pre-paid customers have to pay an additional R
        146.00 premium for 2 GB data. We pay cash before any usage, so there is no risk to MTN as far as unpaid accounts go. Furthermore there is no
        admin costs involved (accounts, statements etc).

        Can someone please explain the rationale behind this cost discrepancy.

    • Nick

      No point in having loads of data if you cant use it. I hardly ever get anything better than Edge coverage with my S3 since switching to Cell C and the amount of dropped calls i experience a day is ridiculous.

    • Werner

      I dont really care about how cheap they are currently. They cannot deliver with the current data network infrastructure they have so it is all empty ptromises really. I bought a Giga200 data package in November 2012 and for the last 3 months it has been virtually useless during business hours in Braamfontein. I am talking speed below 1KB if any.

    • What is needed in South Africa is more Spectrum, the UK just got the 700MHZ if I am not mistaken that used to be used by Analog TV and it now used for 4G LTE. Maybe when digital TV rolls out we will see some 4G LTE and Cell C is well positioned to roll out proper full on 4G LTE as they have the 900MHZ spectrum but they are currently using it for 3G. It is always good to see data prices come down and Cell C seem to always shake up the competition…

    • Aneesah

      They don’t even allow me to purchase data bundles anymore!!

    • jabbawook

      And the day after they give us this wonderful news I suffer major outages on both prepaid Internet modem and contract Blackberry.