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    April 3, 2013

    Apple iOS7 Running Late, Radical Changes

    There are a few big dogs in tech that always seem to know more about what is going on behind the scenes at Apple. These include guys like MG Siegler and John Gruber amongst others. These guys started chatting on Branch, and there are some very interesting blurbs of info which will be of great interest to fans of the iPhone.

    Apparently the iOS7 update is bigger than originally planned, and is currently running behind. Apple has moved engineers from the Mac OS X 10.9 team to hurry up the iOS7 development. The big news with iOS7 is that Scott Forstall (which headed up iOS since day one) has moved away from Apple, and Jony Ive (the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design) has taken his place for UI design.

    The new iOS7 changes is apparently so big that current engineers are using special filters on their phones so that no one can peak over and see the new design. iOS has been heavily criticised for its skeumorphic heavy interface, and the new iOS will have a lot cleaner design.

    Some other interesting observations from the online chat:

    • The next iPhone is rumoured to feature some type of biometric features, which will be used for payments and security.
    • The next full size iPad will be launched in the first half of this year (April apparently), and will feature the same design as the iPad Mini (think thinner borders).

    What features do you want in iOS7?

    Head on over to the Branch feed to see more.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Jaco van der Walt

      I would like to see iOS break away from the icon-tile setup. Revolutionize the whole experience! I think with Jonny Ive getting into UI, that just might be on the radar.

      • Angelo

        Why would you think that? The iPhone 5 looks the same as the iPhone 4S (oooh its a bit longer) which is the same as the iPhone 4 which really doesn’t look a whole lot different from the iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the 5s will look similar. ios7 will push us to android, blackberry or worse, windows.

        • Jaco van der Walt

          That’s right Angelo. Jony Ive has been in charge of the physical look and feel of the iPhones as you correctly state. But this is the first time he is getting directly involved with the UI of the phone (thus iOS). I hope this only means good things! Apple should stay unique with regards to their UI and hopefully not move to fit into the Android or Windows mould. Time will tell I guess…

    • Aaron

      I really hope this doesn’t mean that Apple will go the route of bland flat interface that Windows 8 inflicted on us.

      It is obviously the current fad by designers to be against skeuomorphic design, I suspect mostly so that they can appear really clued up and erudite when they use this fancy new word for “display objects that look like real life things”.

      We have to stare at these interfaces all day, so I really appreciate the effort by companies like Apple to make the interfaces visually appealing, and map to real life objects (horror).

      I think the real problem is that designers that are too deeply immersed in their art lose sight of the fact that real people have to use these applications daily, and they tend to confuse novelty with functionality. Just because IOS may have lost it’s novelty, does not mean that it has lost its functionality, intuitiveness and user-friendliness.

      IOS design just works, and believe me, as a user that switches between many different operating systems, and also frequently provides assistance to newbies, you really start to appreciate it’s “skeumorphic heavy interface” because it makes it much easier for users to relate to familiar objects rather than flat pastel coloured tiles with arcane symbols.