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    April 3, 2013

    Allan Knott-Craig comments on Lower Prices

    In a quick MyBroadband blurb, the current Cell C CEO (and former Vodacom CEO) Alan Knott-Craig used some of his legendary wit to call out other mobile operators.

    Cell C has in recent times always lead the pack when it came to data and voice pricing, with the dominant players like Vodacom and MTN having a tough time competing on price. Only Telkom Mobile (or 8ta) has a few offerings that can compete with Cell C.

    But in the last week Vodacom, MTN and Telkom Mobile released new data offerings, which in many cases match the pricing of Cell C. According to Knott-Craig, Cell C will continue to use price as the main weapon to beat its competitors. He did not however divulge when we can expect further price cuts from Cell C, using a very apt description:

    “œI do not know of any boxer that tells his opponent when he plans to hit him with an uppercut.“


    Source: MyBroadband

    Listen in to our latest podcast!