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    April 21, 2011

    8ta Announces Blackberry deals


    8ta today announced their Blackberry deals, and it really looks good. Compared to other networks their deals are a lot more comprehensive for the average user, and they really have some great value add ons. While Blackberry is a very good deal in SA, most people do not realise that youtube videos are not part of the BIS package. BIS is Blackberry’s data solution which has unlimited internet and email usage (except for streaming).

    So 8ta is shaking things up by adding Youtube streaming to their packages, upto a total of 500MB. So if you are big Youtube fan, these contracts might sway you in 8ta’s direction. Also, if you are someone who mostly phones home from your phone, the 8ta Blackberry deal allows you to select one Telkom number which you can call free of charge, something which we believe will be very popular. This is also on top of 8ta’s other small value adds – like giving 50 free SMS’s for every 5 you send.

    8ta also somehow managed to decrease the pricing of BIS on their dedicated BB packages – they charge only R49 per month, which is around 20% cheaper than other networks.

    At the moment 8ta is first focussing on the lower end of the Blackberry market with only the Blackberry Curve 8520 and 9300, but the Bold 9780 and Torch 9800 will be announced later.

    So what do their deals look like?

    If you want to use your own Blackberry on the 8ta network, you can get BIS for R59 a month, and Blackberry Enterprise Service for R89, which is pretty much in line with other networks.

    But lets look at their Blackberry Contract Deals:

    BlackBerry Curve 8520 with BIS – R90 per month

    • Call one Telkom landline number free
    • Send five SMSs per day and receive 50 free to send for that day
    • 90 Minutes 8ta to 8ta / National Landlines
    • 15 8ta Minutes to other local SA Networks
    • 25MB data
    • Free SIM & Connection

    BlackBerry 9300 & BIS plus LG C105 – R500 per month

    • Call one Telkom landline number for free
    • Send five SMSs per day and receive 50 free to send for that day
    • 500 Minutes 8ta to 8ta / National Landlines
    • 200 8ta Minutes to other local SA Networks
    • 50MB data
    • Free SIM & Connection

    (I really do not know why they need to give away the LG cheapie with it? Rather make it cheaper? And I think they could have made another deal with the 9300 model…)

    These deals look really good, especially the 8520 deal. It will only further cement Blackberry’s lead in the SA smartphone space

    Source: MyBroadband

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Anyasinsouthafrica

      They’re slick… they include a whole bunch of peripheral incentives, but charge a huge rate – R1.50 – for what most people will do the most of: calling people on other networks. The R90 contract only provides 15 minutes a month of calls to other networks, then you have to recharge and that airtime is going to go QUICKLY since no one you know will be on 8ta.

      Nice try.

      • Gd

        Hater.i think they are cool

    • I have a bb with a vodacom contract can I still use the same phone,,,,

    • Speak4

      8ta  Blackberry deals Turning down pensioners on R99 contracts . Pensioners no place for you at 8ta

    • Jchorn

      can i take out the contract and put my cellc sim in?

    • dontkillmemom

      gettin delieved 2Morra

    • Franuschka

      One of the companies that 8ta uses phoned me for the black berry phone and they charged me R197-50 per month. They phoned me yeaterday to say that they do not have any black berry phones any more and will send me the nokia x2 for R98-50 per month. They gave me 8ta number but when you phone them they cant get you on the system and they cant tell you which company was phoning you everytime they give you a number and it is for the same company and they can not help you because youre not on their system. So you cant get hold of the people who phoned you and this company is charging you R100-00 more. Hopefully somebody’s been contacted from the same company can tell  which company phoned them. 

      • Bmabena2009


        I have the same problem you, and was also given an x 2. anyhow, the company that called me was selldirect and the number I found online for them is 021 001 7500/ 7424. whom by t he way transfered me to 8ta.

        please contact me if you get any luck.

    • Erwin

      I would like the BB Curve 8520.  Where do I go to get it.  Makro, Game  ????

    • Ceanlia

      I want the Blackberry BOLD for me and my daughter… Why don’t you have the Bold?

    • Marynamiller

      I have the 8.ta R90 contract.  Is it possible to keep my MTN number by paying that extra fee?

      • Fay Eveuys

        When you got your contract, you should have ‘ported’ your number- it is free- it’s what i did, i don’t know if it’s too late now!!!

    • Lugger

      My daughter got contract with 8ta from Telkom Tzaneen she does not understand how the payments goes off nobody willing to help her how can you guys do that you know is not good if you got account nobody cares about at the end you find your name at credit berueu



    • how do i apply for a blackberry contract

    • Mkululi Oniwe

      i need a blackberry9300 contract that is worth not more than R250,00 per month

      form mku

    • Ruellewatson

      It’s still the same deals, when do they get new BB deals.?

    • Fhmwaters

      how do I apply for a blackberry contract, as I am already a telkom subscriber

    • Spramduth

      how do i apply for this contract

    • Elsa Grobler

      Can someboddy help me with account?
      Hou do i applay for email account

    • Nicolett Hamilton

      How do we apply????????????

    • Moniquekingma

      i would like to know if more money will be deducted after the initial money is used, or if you recharge with vouchers?

    • Marieta Blom

      What is the line rental with the Telkom Mix

    • Mzinimiranda

      it’s all a lie. I got nokia x2 @98.50 a month and i only get 15 min free to other networks. I tried to get out of the deal but they told me i have to pay for 24 months bill even if i cancell now. I don’t want it bcoz there is no one i know using 8ta and i was willing to pay a certain amount for the fone. I’m really not happy.

    • Nevi

      I have the Black Berry curve contract with 8ta .Is the phone insured ?
      If i have a problem who do I contact.Please help       ———- Nevi

    • Anton Rudman

      Good evening, I am Upgrading on the 6 th April 2013. I just want to find out, what Packages have you got, and also what Cellphones, have you got?