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    August 29, 2013

    Review: Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse

    Logitech has been a household name for years, well known for its quality computer mice and keyboards. But it’s not just the mundane peripherals where Logitech has made a name for itself. The company’s G-series of gaming peripherals is a perennial best-seller, and the latest mouse to join the party is the Logitech G500s Laser Mouse, a wired mouse that will have you shooting, casting, swiping, and bashing in no time.


    The Logitech G500s takes a fairly mundane looking design and ratchets it up a few clicks with gamer-friendly features, like a precision laser sensor, adjustable weight, and adjustable DPI, complete with a glowing built-in meter. It’s more of an update to the previously successful G500, but there’s no point in messing with a winning formula. The new iteration gets a more accurate laser sensor and an updated paint-job, but it’s otherwise unchanged.

    For standard computing, the G500s is excellent. I‘ve used it for a few weeks and love it. For productivity and web browsing the G500s is slick, quick, and comfortable. The one issue I‘ve run into constantly was the frictionless scroll wheel: it gives way too easily, and will often scroll just from moving the mouse, not the wheel. Interestingly no other Logitech mouse I‘ve tested has ever had this problem, even the G400s.


    As a gaming mouse the G500s is hard to beat. I threw down on a bunch of games, from Bioshock Infinite to BLOPSII Multiplayer, and had a blast every time. The precision is excellent, the speed and sensitivity is exactly what a gamer needs, and an on-board profile plus ten programmable buttons makes switching to another game or another machine won‘t take more of your precious time. A little planning ahead and you‘ll be ready to go. On some games I prefer a heavier mouse while others are just a mad dash for speed, and like the 5-series mice replacing and adjusting the weight on the G500s is extremely simple.

    Possibly the G500s’ most advertised feature is the ability to adjust the weight of the mouse up to 27 grams heavier. The weights come in an Altoids-style tin, with 6×4.5 gram and 6×1.7 gram sizes. It will take you a day or two of gaming to find your optimal weight, but I feel the system works. It makes sense in a world where not everyone wants or needs a one-size-fits-all mouse. The weight cartridge is extremely easy to eject and reinsert into the bottom of the mouse. Being able to increase the mouse weight in 1.7 gram increments is a luxury; even though it’s difficult to tell the difference, fine-tuning is always a good thing.


    For the average gamer, the G500s is a great mouse. It isn’t “specialized” or focus-marketed to MMOs or RTS players, it doesn’t have a plethora of buttons, and it’s simple in design — any of these could be negatives, but for most gaming applications, they’re assets. With a retail price of around R800, it’s well worth the money, even for serious gamers who can‘t spend R1000+ on a mouse.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Rudi

      Hope they sorted out the issues that plagued the G500 – I had one, and returned it the other day (luckily it was still in warranty) – the plastic used for the button pads was different to the shell plastic, and in certain environments it causes static buildup, causing super annoying things like when you hold the mouse button, it lets go without you actually letting go, or double clicks when you single click. Common issue with that model, luckily I got credit at Pinnacle…

    • Chris

      Where are these available in the country to buy?

      • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

        You can buy it for R800 on TakeALot, but you should find it any leading retailers as well.