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    October 26, 2017

    Amazon may soon accept Bitcoin as pre-earnings call rumours circulate

    amazon may accept bitcoin

    Rumours have indicated that Amazon may soon announce support for Bitcoin payments during its next quarterly earnings report.

    Though Bitcoin has seemingly cemented itself as an asset amongst interested investors, the cryptocurrency has (arguably) yet to boast itself as an established means of transaction – though that may soon change as Amazon prepares a raft of announcements for its quarterly earnings call.

    Though speculatory at present, rumours have indicated that the company could be eying the introduction of Bitcoin as a new payment method.

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    In a piece published this Tuesday, German media outlet Die Welt alleged through sources in Silicon Valley that Amazon would soon integrate Bitcoin as a payment option.

    Similarly, noted investor James Altucher similarly commented that such an announcement may be on the cards, and a user petition recently circulated which urged Amazon to adopt Bitcoin has an official payment method.

    Should the commercial giant accept Bitcoin, it would likely prove a boon to the ongoing establishment of cryptocurrency not only as a digital asset but as a means of transaction.

    Beyond Amazon’s possible intent to accept Bitcoin, other technology and commerce giants may not be far behind. A listing within an app API recently indicated that Google may accept Bitcoin in its Google Play Store, while other firms such as PayPal and PayFast already accept the cryptocurrency.

    Earlier this year, the World Wide Web Consortium announced work on a new payment standard that will accept cryptocurrencies – meaning that future versions of popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox may one day accept cryptocurrency transactions.

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    Amazon’s quarterly earnings call is scheduled for today, on the 26th of October. We’ll update this article as news emerges.

    What are your thoughts? Should Amazon accept Bitcoin as a payment method now, or hold off on such an announcement? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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