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    August 10, 2012

    Why I quit my executive job to take on Sleekgeek full time

    Elan Lohmann, the founder of Sleekgeek, an inspiring community based fitness programme, has decided to leave his executive job as Group MD Digital at Avusa Limited to take on Sleekgeek, a project that has now become his passion, full time.

    What makes a guy at the top of his industry, earning good money give it up and move to zero income?

    In the announcement below, originally published on the SleekGeek website Elan explains why he chose to make this change with the ultimate purpose of transforming 100, 000 healthy lives:

    After 13 rewarding years in corporate Digital Media commercially heading up many SA brands such as News24.com, TimesLIVE, SowetanLIVE and recently Group Head of Digital at Avusa with businesses such as CareerJunction, Inet Bridge, Mapit, Exclusive Books in my portfolio. At age 34 I was appointed to the executive of a 5,000 person company but having just turned 36 I am forced to close this chapter.

    Sleekgeek came into my life and disrupted it in the most profound way possible. It was a blinding surprise. A wonderous gift. A passion project I think about every waking second. I love my community.

    Powerful enough for me to comfortably go to zero income for. Because I believe this is required by the universe.

    A new purpose. Meaning.

    I believe your purpose can change over time. I have discovered my latest one. It feeds the desire I have always had inside me to help people improve their lives.

    I recently set myself a goal to inspire 100,000 South Africans to live a healthy lifestyle in my free time.

    This would not be feasible part time. This mission requires all my energy and focus to achieve.

    I believe that unlocking social networks and creating a community “œpyramid scheme of health“ can achieve this goal. If you can inspire 100, you can 1000 and 10,000 and so on “¦. It‘s a matter of creating a framework that scales.

    I aim to combine my Digital experience with the health and fitness industry to achieve this. As yet I do not even have a plan “¦or whether it is a far fetched notion which honestly feels scary and beautiful at the same time.

    Read more about Sleekgeek here. 

    Listen in to our latest podcast!