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    February 4, 2013

    Web Africa reduces uncapped ADSL prices

    According to My Broadband, Internet service provider Web Africa has reduced the pricing of its uncapped ADSL since the company moved its traffic to Internet Solutions’ backbone.

    Prices have been reduced by up to 32% with Telkom and MWeb having also recently offered lower uncapped ADSL pricing to customers.

    Web Africa CEO, Tim Wyatt““Gunning says of the latest price cuts that “œInternet Solutions has access to the most significant network of broadband hotspots in South Africa, and is busy extending this network along with other wireless technologies.“

    Wyatt-Gunning also revealed that other Web Africa products will also receive further price cuts in the coming months.

    Pricing below:

    • 1Mbps – R179 per month (save R10)
    • 2Mbps – R239 per month (save R60)
    • 4Mbps – R339 per month (save R160)
    • 10Mbps – R699 per month (save R300) 


    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • meandmythoughts

      this is such good news for us consumers. to the general public like myself, I dont really care about their network move (only that it performs well) and pricing is something more NB to me

    • Good news…and definitely a step in the right direction…but still a rip-off compared to the rest of the world.

      • jiggy

        Yes, definitely still a rip off. Places in east Asia provide 3g access for 2.5 usd per month. Still along way to go for SA

    • tomtom

      there is uncapped 3G in Asia!!! Here, uncapped with others start from R496/month.