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    December 7, 2012

    !Waytag base their innovativeTechnology on TomTom Maps

    Waytag, the Stellenbosch based startup that we featured in October has based their pioneering technology on TomTom‘s worldwide location based solutions (LBS) platform. “œWaytags will revolutionise the way we will share our addresses or locations in the future,“ said Danny Grobben, General Manager TomTom Africa.

    With the explosion of access around the world to the internet and digital maps via smartphones, tablets, PC and other connected devices, people need a simple yet accurate way of locating people and businesses around them. Waytag offers one word unique address for everyone, which you can look up and navigate to on any waytag enabled maps or navigation services.

    Consumers and organisations can now claim their locations as their own personal or brand names as a means to locate and navigate to each other on digital maps. A waytag can be communicated verbally ““ find me at “œ!JoesPizzeria“ or via text or social media. If a business moves it‘s address, the waytag name stays the same, consumers will simply navigate to the new address by using the existing waytag address.

    The user creates it, names it, updates it, manages it and chooses who to share their waytag with. The user is always in complete control of the information associated with their waytag. The solution can be compared with the role of a domain name system (DNS) for Internet services; the Waytag service provides a unique and unambiguous search result of consumer and business locations which will enable and simplify a variety of location aware applications.

    Waytag is perfectly timed for the massive growth in internet based map usage. “œWe needed a global mapping solution that would be accurate & reliable so that Waytag users could position themselves with confidence, especially in areas where street addressing is inadequate,“ said Warren Venter the CEO & Co-Founder of Waytag. The Waytag solution was developed using the TomTom LBS application programming interface (API) which provides details maps, routing and search capabilities. The Waytag IOS and Android apps are free, available now and will revolutionise the way we will share our address or location in the future.

    With a focus of growing the business globally, this flourishing relationship will continue through further integration with the TomTom platform to create multiple opportunities for users to interact with Waytag.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!