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    November 9, 2015

    Watch: Jetpackers fly alongside plane in HelloJetman

    Viral marketers continue to impress and outdo one another with the most outlandish feats possible, and the latest advert released from Emirates airlines in association with XDubai, named HelloJetman, does that just that.

    The video, filmed via four small four aircraft on October 13th, shows two jetpackers, affixed with kevlar wings and four engines, fly alongside an Emirates Airbus A380.

    According to Jetman’s official website, the jetpacks weigh in at over 40 kilograms and are capable of flight speeds of 314 kilometers per hour. Both pilots were released from a helicopter at 1,676 meters above ground. Both released parachutes and safely returned to terra firma.

    You can watch the HelloJetman clip below.



    Listen in to our latest podcast!