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    April 26, 2013

    Vodacom launches Samsung Galaxy S4 in SA

    Vodacom has announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in SA which will be available from 27 April 2013.

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced at an event in Sandton on 25th April (Bandwidth Blog attended so watch this space for an upcoming review of what took place.)

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be offered on a special deal at R429 per month on a Smart S plan that includes 75 Anytime minutes, 75 MB Mobile Internet and 150 Anytime Text. Customers can also receive additional benefits including: double the data on Mobile Internet for the first 2 months of the contract, free Voicemail 2 SMS for 3 months valued at R35 per month and free in-store set up from the Vodacom crew.

    Phil Patel, Chief Officer of Vodacom‘s Consumer Business Unit commented: “œOur customers have been looking forward to Samsung‘s flagship smartphone and now they can experience this iconic phone which is available on a range of Smart plans that is best suited to meet their needs. We‘re also looking forward to launch the LTE version in the next few months.“

    The handset will also be available on the following plans which include double the data on Mobile Internet for the first 2 months of the contract and free Voicemail 2 SMS for 3 months valued at R35 per month.


    In addition to double the Mobile Internet bundle for the first two months of the contract, customers on the Smart S, M, L and XL plans will receive an additional 250MB of data.

    The recommended prepaid price for the Galaxy S4 is R8,999.



    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Dini325

      Will wait for Telkom Mobile or MTN to launch, vodacom is way more expensive on their packages.

      • Cell C – R400 pm = 100 anytime minutes, 100 sms and 1Gb.

        MTN – R400 pm = R200 airtime, 30 min MTN to MTN, 200 sms and 200mb.

        Cell C is winning as MTN charges R1 per mb so it will be R1200 pm if you want 1gb of data.

        Cell C is cheap. People shouldn’t look at the bundle they get with the phone…they should look at prices after their bundles are used up!

        • Jack

          It all depends on the Cell C network. Can someone tell me if Cell C’s network is stable enough? I am from Cape Town (Northern Suburbs) and do not want to move to Cell C if the network coverage is not up to standard. I have heard a lot of horror stories about Cell C.

          • I dont live in CT but in Pietermaritzburg it is okay. I always have signal and if there is no signal it switches to Vodacom. A Call never dropped in my 8 years with them. In tows and Cities it will be okay. Plus I would rather have a little slower internet than a hefty account at the end of the month.

    • cd_man

      These vodacom prices are insane. I went with Cell C

    • DiscoDan

      I also switched to Cell C due to the high Vodacom prices, very happy with Cell C service & price

    • This is what was expected.

    • Dyll

      As a contract subscriber you really get screwed! Tied into a 2-year contract paying these ridiculous data & call charges while those on Pre-Paid are benefiting since they can switch when ever they want.

      Once my Vodacom contract is up i’m gonna cancel it and take FNB up on their offer. R300 for the SGS4 and move my number to pre-paid i i can also pay R1 a minute and buy once off data bundles at reasonable prices.

    • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

      I assume there was some backlash from Vodacom customers, because the prices are already lower than stipulated here.