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    April 26, 2012

    Urthecast: Watch Earth streaming live from space

    Only a very exclusive group of special people have the opportunity in their life time to watch Earth out the window of a space craft or through the International Space Station. A perspective that is overwhelming, fascinating and educational.

    Now, a new startup called Urthecast is going to change that by bringing a live view of Earth from space to our computer screens, an experience¬† that will be achieved by mounting the world’s very first HD cameras onto the space station that will stream live footage.

    The space station will orbit Earth about 15 times a day and provide footage 24 hours a day,  seven days a week. The footage will be downlinked from space to ground stations and then immediately streamed onto the internet via Urthecast.com.

    Urthecast co-founder, Scott Larson explains that the experience will be a combination of Google Earth and YouTube, where Google Earth’s static views of the planet will combine with YouTube’s features of rewinding, pausing and tagging video footage.

    The idea came about when Larson was connected to the Russian Space Agency, by mutual friends, which was looking for a unique and educational way to promote its work and justify its budget.

    Larson also reveals that the cameras are currently being built, after which they will be shipped to Russia, where the Russian Federal Space Agency will transport them to the space station. Larson intends for the cameras to film continuously for at least the next five years.

    Watch the Urthecast introductory video below:

    Source: Mashable

    Listen in to our latest podcast!