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    January 11, 2016

    Rumours: Could Twitter expand to a 10,000 character limit?

    character limit

    New rumours suggest that Twitter could soon expand its character limit beyond 140 characters all the way to 10,000.

    Have you ever struggled to word a tweet in 140 characters? Soon, those problems could be a thing of the past, as Twitter is allegedly looking at loosening its restrictions on character limits.

    On the 5th of January, Jack Dorsey, the recently appointed chief executive of the service, appeared to confirm that the site is planning to change its signature character limit on Re/Code.

    The site’s character limit was first set in stone following the decision to allow users to tweet via text message. Tweets were at first limited to 160 characters which gave users space for a short tweet plus a username.

    Twitter’s reconsideration of their character limit likely comes as a result of the network enabling users to add images and other media, in addition to Facebook recently increasing the limit for status updates to over 60,000 characters.

    However, a forthcoming change might not be visible on the home page of the site, instead limiting tweets to 140 visible characters with a ‘more’ button revealing the rest of the post.

    The change would ultimately come as a reactive one, as the social network struggles to drive its user growth, unlike its main competitors.

    What are your thoughts? Should Twitter increase its character limit? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


    Listen in to our latest podcast!