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    April 9, 2012

    Twitmusic: Socialising the web music industry

    Last week music icon Beyonce joined the long list of entertainers and celebrities when she signed onto Twitter joining artists like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Coldplay.

    While many artists are beginning to realise the potential of the service for interacting with fans, Twitmusic is taking engagement with music on Twitter to the next level.

    A Philippines-based startup, founded in 2011, Twitmusic is a music playing service that allows tracks to be easily shared on Twitter, giving songs a greater chance of being spread across the micro blogging service. It also gives artists the opportunity to share videos, concert details and pictures with their fans.

    The site is very Twitter specific with co-founder Stefano Fazzini admitting that they adopted a similar aesthetic to Twitter in order to make artists feel more comfortable on the website. That‘s a move aimed at encouraging usage on Twitter, in a similar way that a user might opt for Twitpic over Flickr when tweeting a picture.

    Existing Twitter users can sign-in to Twitmusic easily using an app that syncs to their Twitter account. Once logged in, just like with a tweet, mentions of a song once it has been listened to, can be shared to a Twitter feed with one click, by selecting “˜Love‘, “˜Retweet‘ or “˜#nowplaying‘.

    Fazinni, who looks after business development says that “œWe‘re not biased, on the homepage we include music that we think is cool. We don‘t feature people there because they are paying us, we mix it up to help get unknown music out to Twitter.“

    A right-hand navigation bar streams the songs that users are currently listening to. From the homepage, users can browse available music tracks, discover artists and find events. Popular and relatively unknown artists can also be found by browsing through different genres and viewing those selected on the homepage at the time. Users also have the ability to invite artists currently on Twitter to the music playing service.

    Users can, of course, also leave comments, and each track has details of the number of plays, who has listened to it and who has loved it. Artist details are taken from Twitter and include details of their follower counts and the number of songs they have on the service. Other details include the artist’s website, location and brief biography.

    Users who want to purchase a track can do so by clicking on the ‘buy a song‘ link, which will likely send the user to the track located on iTunes, where they can buy a genuine copy. Interestingly enough Bryan Adams, one of the feature artists, suggested to Twitmusic that it should consider selling tracks on the artist pages themselves, and it is something that the company is investigating.

    The sale of music would of course add an interesting revenue stream to the service which is currently free for both artists and users.

    “œWe‘re not charging users,“ Fazzini told The Next Web, before explaining that the company will move towards a premium model that would give artists (and management teams behind them) access to powerful analytics, in addition to what is already on the site.

    While the advanced analytics are not yet available, aside from the number of plays and details of who has been listening to their music, artists can see graphs of cumulative plays and locations.

    Twitmusic has also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from a number of artists using the service with some very well known musicians going so far as to tell Fazzini and his team that they prefer Twitmusic‘s service to other more established alternatives.

    Given the huge role that Twitter already plays within the entertainment industry in terms of artist exposure and interaction with fans, Twitmusic is hitting the spot for artists that are serious about getting their music on Twitter and sharing it with the world.

    Source: The Next Web

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

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