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    May 30, 2012

    Tim Cook: Apple to release “incredible” new products, double down on secrecy

    The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook has said during an interview that the company is preparing to release some “incredible” new products in the future.

    The opening interview with Cook, who took over from former CEO Steve Jobs in August, took place at the D: All Things Digital Conference in California on Tuesday. Cook, a first time attendee at the annual event revealed that “The juices are flowing” and “We have some incredible things coming out.”

    However, along with this revelation, Cook stressed that Apple will be “doubling down” on product secrecy when asked about any plans to develop a smaller iPhone or Apple television.

    When pressed further about any possible developments of an Apple TV or a new type of television content service, Cook chose to rather highlight the success and growth in sales of the currently available Apple TV box, that costs $99, calling it an “area of intense interest for us”. This, as in the past, still doesn‘t clarify any details about the release of a full sized flat panel Apple TV, the rumours of which continue to be covered by the media.

    Although emphasizing “product secrecy”, Cook did reveal one of the ways in which he is going to lead differently to his predecessor whose legacy included a culture that prized secrecy in Apple Inc. on all fronts. Cook said that Apple will be more transparent about issues of social change including those pertaining to labour rights in China, about which Apple has recently come under scrutiny and also look to developing more product components in the U.S.

    Cook also revealed that one of their priorities at the moment is Siri, Apple’s voice response technology saying that “There is more that it can do. I think you’ll be really pleased with some things you will see over the coming months.”

    As part of Siri’s campaign featured on the iPhone 4S, a number of advertisements featuring celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and most recently John Malkovich using Siri, have been aired in the States. While these ads, and those that came before them, show a number of useful functions that Siri can perform, the feature has received some criticism for not working consistently.

    As far as Apple partnering with Facebook goes, Cook simply said “stay tuned”. And you know we will!

    Watch the latest Siri ad with actor John Malkovich below:

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