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    December 4, 2013

    This gadget will tell you what is really inside your food

    We all know that what is listed on the package of some foods may not necessarily be what we consume. There have been many cases where people unwillingly consume ingredients they are allergic to or that cause some serious illness.

    Luckily, a group of people woke up to this “˜dirty food‘ phenomenon and are currently developing a gadget that will scan your food and tell you exactly what is in it.

    TellSpec is a small, handheld spectometer that reveals the ingredients of whatever you point it at. And, because everything nowadays has an accompanying app, the gadget will then relay the information it obtained from your food to the accompanying smartphone app.

    TellSpec is also able to detect allergens or toxins in your home. You can use it to scan your walls to check for mould or other bacteria that could possibly lead to illness. It also able to detect pollution in the air – something many people never consider when diagnosing an illness.

    However, TellSpec is not only designed to warn you of dangerous ingredients in your food. It will also track your daily calorie intake, as well as your intake of vitamins and minerals – which of course makes it great for dieting. By tracking what you eat, the device will also help you identify your food sensitivities and pinpoint which foods you should rather avoid.

    For instance, if you have a physical reaction after eating certain foods, you can log your symptoms after scanning the food. This will help TellSpec to determine what might be causing your illness or discomfort. But, as the product says, TellSpec is not diagnosing, but simply guiding.

    People who are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant or even diabetics will benefit immensely from the TelSpec idea. They can finally be 100% sure of what they are consuming, and eliminate the risk of accidentally consuming a dairy, gluten or sugary product.

    So, how did it come about that TellSpec was developed? The idea comes from Isabel Hoffman. Hoffman has started many companies in the healthcare and technology field, but it was after her daughter fell terribly ill that the idea of TellSpec came to her.

    No one was able to diagnose her daughter, but, after a visit to a innovative doctor, it was revealed that Hoffman‘s daughter had mould poising. Mould that was found in the walls of their home. Thus, Hoffman thought of a device that could tell you what is in the food you’re eating and the walls you live in: cue TellSpec.

    TellSpec was funded on crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo. The campaign had an initial goal of $100 000, but quickly surpassed that number. The official campaign ended a few days ago on November 30th, and managed to raise $386 392.

    Hoffman, who is now the CEO of TellSpec Inc., hopes to have TellSpec ready for customer use by December 2014. Initially, the product will retail between $350 – $400, which is a bit steep. However, Hoffman hopes that the demand for the product will allow them to bring the price down to an estimated $50.

    TellSpec seems like an ingenious idea that could revolutionize the way we consume food. And who wouldn‘t want to eat “˜clean‘ food?

    Check out the video below for more info on how TellSpec works:

    Source: Mashable

    Listen in to our latest podcast!