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    March 20, 2013

    The real cost of uncapped ADSL in SA

    The Internet has dramatically changed the way we do business, engage with each other and obtain information.

    While the infrastructure may not be as established in South Africa as in other parts of the world, things are certainly getting better as competition is heating up, but what is the true total cost of uncapped ADSL in South Africa? This is a question that personal finance management tool, moneysmart recently addressed.

    In South Africa it is not possible to get uncapped ADSL Internet without installing and renting a normal telephone line, which is only available through Telkom. You also need to rent an ADSL line, which comes at an additional charge. Luckily, most ISP‘s allow you to rent an ADSL line directly through them. So if you are planning to get uncapped ADSL, it‘s a good idea to know the total costs associated with it.

    In this article, written by Stefan De Klerk,  moneysmart looks at the total cost for the entry-level ADSL line speeds, 1Mbps and 2Mbps, with total costs including residential line rental (exchange connection), ADSL line from Telkom and an uncapped ADSL account.

    Moneysmart  also compared costs if you bundle your ADSL line with your ISP, meaning you get your ADSL line from your ISP directly and not through Telkom.

    Here are the various costs incurred from Telkom. All costs include VAT:

    • Residential line installation (exchange connection): R551.69
    • Residential line rental (exchange connection): R148.37 per month
    • Telkom ADSL rental 1Mbps: R165.00 per month
    • Telkom ADSL rental 2Mbps: R299.00 per month
    • ADSL installation: R705.20

    The R705.20 installation charge for ADSL is not charged if you choose the self-installation option.

    Below is a comparison of the costs of uncapped ADSL from different providers in South Africa. They are all for the standard uncapped accounts:




    Note: Please keep in mind that this comparison highlights the costs of home ADSL. The above prices are subject to change and were accurate at the time of publishing this article. This comparison of uncapped ADSL costs is not intended to act as a definitive guide to uncapped ADSL in South Africa. moneysmart cannot be held responsible for any decision made based on this exercise. It‘s recommended that you check with the ISPs‘ websites before making a final decision regarding uncapped ADSL.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • arthurks

      21 March 2013- out of date already as openweb have revised their prices – it seems the market is changing fast !

    • Julie

      Still ridiculously expensive compared to most other countries. Shameful actually.

    • I’m in Sweden. I pay just under 400 a month for 100Mb uncapped/unshaped, and if availability drops for a minute I complain to my ISP. I really hope SA catches on soon.

      • get me a house near u, or maybe I should visit just for internet… but hey Google Fiber is the future maybe if it comes in SA all will change.

    • SA is still behind yet there is better technology to change all this. 1 and 2mb and even 4mbps services should be scrapped and they should start from 8 -10mb making it standard, this is why SA won’t go anywhere coz we keep on holding on to old tech even Eskom refuses to join the “green energy world”. I dream of fiber but I doubt that we will see… I guess my great great grand son will be the one enjoying it 100years later.

    • Riaan

      2Mbps link? Is that all you have available in SA? I have a 100Mbps link at the moment, and will soon have a 1000Mbps link when the National Broadband Network gets rolled out. SA is decades behind the rest of the world.

      • “In this article, written by Stefan De Klerk, moneysmart looks at the total cost for the *entry-level* ADSL speeds.”

        • Peter Pan

          Lyndon don’t sugarcoat it 1mps is faster than 50% of the internet users in our country and 1mpbs will soon be obsolete in the rest of the world, hell Eeastern European countries have faster internet than us a so called western nation.

    • Naked DSl needed… any news on this?

    • David Simpson

      I run a 10mb ADSL unshapped but capped. My ISP is telkom. My monthly bill is around R1 500 per month. When you see these deals for uncapped and alike from ISP’s located further down the stream, all it means is that they are overselling the bandwidth to you up to 8 times more. Meaning even slower performance.

    • Robert Lancaster

      Yeah I know our speeds are slow, it sucks.
      But on the plus side Afrihost is by far the best ISP around … and I have tried them all. Awesome service, great through put and in the three years I have been with them … no downtime, no changing mail server names (ala Telkom).
      Will recommend them highly.

    • Sarah Hubbard

      I left the UK 8 years ago to live in SA and we had a 4mb line at home and paid R300 uncapped. The cost of telecommunications generally in SA is very high, I run a small business with 3 staff and 2 shops and my monthly telephone bills come in at R10k… we have to generate R20k in sales just to pay the phone, it is crazy, we are now downscaling the business and laying people off because we cannot keep us with the costs. Then you have mobile phones and internet at home and dongles when on the move…. and then high internet charges on smart phones.. it is my second biggest outgoing next to my bond/rent.

    • abie

      i have a Telkom line to connect adsl line what is the additional cost monthly

    • abie

      hello can somebody help please