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    August 28, 2012

    The Digital Edge Live Show announces its cabinet members

    With The Digital Edge Live Show ““ National Assembly less than two months away, the international and local speakers who will be stepping into the Cape Town City Hall on October 4th are putting in some extra hours of debate training in anticipation of the event.

    Chaired by The Digital Edge panel and esteemed international dignitary, Nathan Martin of Deeplocal, the Digital Edge Live National Assembly is proud of the respectable group of local members of cabinet who will be taking to the floor in an effort to state their case, win absolute majority and claim rank.

    This year opposition parties will take an oath before facing a Commission of Enquiry in what promises to be the most heated debate and discussion in the history of The Digital Edge.

    Top digital thinkers including the likes of Matthew Buckland of Creative Spark, Nicholas Wittenburg of Ogilvy, Nikki Cockcroft of DMMA and Rob Stokes of Quirk to name a few, make up the local cabinet and will fiercely present their viewpoints before parliament. They plan to rally up support and leverage off all mediums to create interesting and effective dialogue. Be ready to have your views challenged and your eyes opened through thought-provoking discussions as you play your part in plotting the future course for digital marketing in our country.


    “¢ Matthew Buckland ““ MD of Creative Spark
    “¢ Nicholas Wittenberg ““ Creative Director of Ogilvy Cape Town
    “¢ Nikki Cockcroft – Chairwoman of both the DMMA and Bookmarks Awards
    “¢ David Moffat ““ MD of HelloComputer
    “¢ Ivan Moroke ““ Group MD of TBWA
    “¢ Andy Gilder – Group Digital Strategist of Machine
    “¢ Rob Stokes ““ CEO of Quirk
    “¢ Isis Nyong’o ““ VP & MD for Africa at InMobi
    “¢ Jason Xenopoulos ““ CEO and Creative Director of NATIVE
    “¢ Pete Case ““ Founder and CEO of Gloo
    “¢ Dan Pinch ““ Creative Director of Society
    “¢ Mike Sharman ““ Owner of Retroviral
    “¢ Graham Warsop ““ Founder of Jupiter Drawing Room
    “¢ Arthur Charles van Wyk ““ Founder and CEO of Fluence New Marketing

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!