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    March 19, 2013

    Telkom launches new brand Telkom Mobile

    Telkom announced today the launch of the Telkom Mobile brand, as part of a new convergence strategy, that will run off the company’s already existing network.

    Announced by the managing director of Telkom Mobile, Attila Vitai, the new service is aimed at data-hungry high-end consumers that make a lot of voice calls.

    8ta, which was previously rumoured to be discontinued, the claims of which were later refuted by Telkom, will indeed continue to be a sub-brand of Telkom Mobile.

    While 8ta will focus on the mass market, Telkom Mobile will be taking advantage of “œchanges in consumer knowledge, expectations and behaviour“, says Vitai.

    Vitai also said that “œPretty much everyone has at least one mobile device and most use them for more than basic calls and messaging. There is a significant core group of consumers who expect to be able to do more with their devices in their own time and on their own terms. They know a lot about mobile products and are getting better at understanding complex deals and associated terms and conditions. With this increasing savvy they want simplicity and the ease of selection and use of their mobile products.”

    Source: ITWeb

    Listen in to our latest podcast!