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    June 20, 2016

    Education technology startup EduConnect offers help on all things student


    The Cape Town based startup formerly known as Stoogle has undergone a name change to EduConnect, and has introduced an all new mother brand, EduOne.

    Tertiary education is a tricky beast in South Africa; in between dizzying applications and course requirements, it’s easy to get lost in the system. Stoogle, a Cape Town based startup which remedies that problem by allowing students, parents and teachers to find out about “˜all things student‘ has now announced that it has changed its name to EduConnect.


    This announcement, which was aptly made on Youth Day last week, came side by side with the introduction of the company‘s new mother brand, EduOne.

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    Commenting on the reason for the change, the firm‘s Sales & Marketing Director Ben Rath said that “When we started with Stoogle, we were solving a single problem: the poor provision of information and resources available to the South African youth. Since then, things have changed. We‘ve noticed more problems ““ lack of funding, expensive textbooks, a lack of easy access to course options ““ and we‘ve built things to help fix these problems. We now have a string of products we put our hearts into and we needed to pull it all together into a single website.“

    A diagram below shows how the new structure of EduOne allows its website to be a feeder into many different products and online solutions in the education space:


    As if a name change and a new mother brand wasn‘t enough, the company also announced the official launch of their solution in the funding space: EduFunding. The platform aims to centralise the application process to tertiary funding in South Africa, in a bid to reduce administration and marketing costs for sponsors and bursars, as well as encouraging corporates to allocate further funds to the tertiary space.

    In celebration of the new mother brand, which the company‘s Youth Day campaign dubbed their “œnext step“, EduOne has released its very own bursary scheme on EduFunding.

    EduFunding enables visitors to quickly peruse available bursaries by faculty type and applicability to their degree.

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    Commenting on the reason for the change, Rath stated that “The EduOne team is excited to see just how far its new brand can go, and looks forward to seeing EduOne at the forefront of change in the educational landscape of this country.”

    Check out EduOne’s comprehensive services in the video below:

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