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    April 18, 2013

    SouthAfrica.TO now accepting Bitcoins

    South African companies are also getting on the Bitcoin wagon. SouthAfrica.TO (South Africa Travel Online) take a lot of orders from international travellers, with a lot of them requesting the ability to pay in Bitcoins. It didn‘t take them long to respond, and if you use SouthAfrica.TO you can now pay with your digital wallet instead of your credit card or an EFT.

    In their latest newsletter, they had the following to say:


    We are hoping that this trend continues in South Africa, as it will further the reach of the virtual currency and also educate more people as to its potential. Take a look at our previous discussions on Bitcoin:

    Have you taken a look at the Bitcoin world? What are your thoughts?

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • southafricaTO

      Thanks for the article Theunis 🙂 These are exciting times we’re living in! To us this is really no different from somebody wanting to pay in US Dollars or Nigerian Naira. Our mission is to make life as easy as possible for our clients, and this includes letting them pay in whichever currency they want. Any company which is unwilling to accept Bitcoins as a method of payment is only shooting themselves in the foot.

    • South Africa Dude

      Good idea accepting bitcoins. You might want to join http://www.facebook.com/bitcoinzar which is a page for SA bitcoiners, or http://www.bitcoinzar.co.za you can add your name to their web directory of bitcoin accepting businesses in SA.

    • Bitcoin Travel sceptic

      Anybody know how this has progressed over the last year? There seem to be tiny nuggets of hope, like the cruise ship trades being offered in this article, and the Bitcoin community is pretty vibey, but how has this translated into actual economic activity in South Africa. Call me a sceptic, but my gut feel is that there is very little going on in terms of non-financial transactions in Bitcoins in SA.