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    March 11, 2013

    Sony soaps up shower models to promote Xperia Z

    Marketing mobile devices is not easy. With so many to choose from, manufacturers are finding it hard to get their devices to stand out among the competition. So, Sony decided to go with a strategy that has seemed to work over and over again in other markets: sex.

    The Sony Xperia Z is set to launch within the month, and the Sony marketing execs have decided to shove a couple of bikini clad models in showers with the phone to show off the much touted waterproof feature of the device.


    At a T-Mobile CZ store in Prague, Sony hired a few supermodels to take phone calls and use apps with the Xperia Z while in a make-shift shower within the branch. The waterproof feature might be a gimmick, but the Europeans seem to think it‘s a great way of advertising it.


    Sony, being a Japanese company, knows that phone owners in Japan really do like to take the calls while in the bathroom or shower, so in Asia they might have seen this kind of advertising before. “œIn Japan, you can‘t sell a phone if it‘s not waterproof. About 90 to 95 percent of all phones sold now are already waterproof,“ Panasonic exec Taro Itakura told AFP at MWC ‘13.

    What do you think about this marketing strategy?

    Source: Xperia Blog

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