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    January 12, 2016

    Rumours claim smaller iPhone 6c actually named iPhone 5e, price leaked

    smaller iPhone

    We genuinely can‘t wait for the cheaper and smaller iPhone to drop

    The only things rumours seem to agree on are the premium build and compact 4-inch form factor of the smaller iPhone

    We genuinely can‘t wait for the cheaper and smaller iPhone to drop. Many have speculated what it may be called, but the name may be much stranger than initially thought.

    The mysterious iPhone‘s name appeared etched in stone at one point, but then, 6c turned to 7c and now 5e. That‘s certainly random, and it supports the unsubstantiated nature of all this gossip. So in actual fact we just have to admit we know nothing for sure when it comes to the name, but for the time being let‘s accept the latest rumoured name as the truth.

    Does the iPhone 5e have an odd ring to it? We definitely think so, and more so we can‘t imagine what the “˜e‘ moniker would stand for. Maybe the “˜5‘ is to invoke nostalgia, as the iPhone 5s was the last device of this smaller size.

    Even more worrying, MyDrivers, which has a hit-and-miss record of reporting these types of rumours, claims the “œ5e“ would settle for a relatively old A8 processor, modest 1GB RAM, and just 16 and 64GB storage options.

    According to the report it will cost $500. Wait, what? Have Apple not learned anything from the iPhone 5c? This price tag for a chip from 2014, only 1GB of RAM and only an 8MP camera? We sincerely hope these latest rumour is nothing but hogwash, but as we‘ve learned in the tech industry, these leaks are often spot on.

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!