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    May 20, 2016

    Apple rumoured to be working on Siri, Touch ID for Mac

    touch id for mac

    New reports have indicated that Apple is working on integrating both Siri and Touch ID for Mac ahead of the release of Mac OS X 10.12.

    Apple is set to bring two widely anticipated features from iOS to OS X this year, with the rumoured release of both Siri and Touch ID for Mac aboard the platform.

    According to new reports, Siri will make her debut on the desktop aboard Mac OS X 10.12, while Touch ID for Mac will make use of a nearby iPad or iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to unlock via Handoff.

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    A recent leak has revealed Siri’s new clothes aboard Mac OS X, where the virtual assistant is apparently set to receive both a Dock and Menu Bar icon. OS X 10.12 will further support a hands-free “Hey Siri” activation command, in addition to being toggled either on from either the Dock or Menu Bar.

    Siri is allegedly set to perform the same functions it does on iOS devices – namely, being able to open apps, search the web, send text messages, and more.

    A report from MacRumors reveals that Touch ID for Mac would make use of a nearby iPhone or iPad to unlock itself, in a similar manner to how an iPhone can bypass a passcode on a connected Apple Watch through Bluetooth.

    Apple could further integrate the ability to unlock a dormant Mac through an Apple Watch, in a similar manner to how third party app Knock 2.0 functions.

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