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    January 11, 2016

    Silverstone unveils a reversible USB cable


    Silverstone have unveiled a new reversible USB cable which allows for a USB Type C experience on existing devices.

    Among the many of us in the tech realm, trying to connect a traditional USB cable to a device has been one of the most irritating experiences around. Now, a company named Silverstone has solved the issue with the introduction of a fully reversible USB Type A and Type B plug.

    The company’s CPU01 cable offers consumers the opportunity to never worry about correctly inserting a USB cable again, mimicking a true USB Type C experience; both ends of the cable, which share a Type A and Type B head as many Android smartphones are equipped to use, can be inserted either way.

    iPhone users needn’t feel left out; Silverstone has further unveiled the CPU03 cable, which sports an Apple Lightning connector on one end and a reversible USB Type A plug on the other,

    The cable on all CPU models is 1 meter long, and is available in silver, white, gold, and grey, and supports high speed charging rates.

    The cables are set to become available in the US within a month, and pricing is set to be determined closer to release date.

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!