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    June 12, 2012

    New university students in U.S. get Nokia Lumia 900

    has reported that all new university students, known as freshman in the U.S., attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey will be given their very own Nokia Lumia 900 powered by the Windows Phone 7.5. The project, in collaboration with Microsoft and AT&T, is part of Seton Hall’s Mobile Computing Initiative and aims to extend the academic learning environment at the university.

    The purpose of supplying the smartphone, given to students during orientation, is to help them integrate technology with the the school’s curriculum and hopes to make the device a “key component” of student life and the university with the SHUmobile app and its Freshman Experience hub. The SHUmobile app will give students access to campus news feeds, directories, maps and other resources with the phone also enabling students to interact with their classmates through social media and direct messaging.

    The official press release, announcing the project said that:

    Since 1997, Seton Hall has provided mobile technology to its students and faculty to support the integration of technology into the curriculum. Enhancing the University’s philosophy of open-ended exploration, students discover new opportunities for learning with mobile computing, sharing ideas and collaborating with peers and faculty while learning how to utilize technology effectively in their academic professional and personal lives. Mobile technology provides a means of enhancing all aspects of university life, and encourages students to engage with each other and the university community from orientation through graduation.

    “Nokia has a long history of innovation and their partnership with Microsoft allows us to extend the core academic and community resources of the University into the pocket of our students,” noted David Middleton, Executive Director, Center for Mobile Research and Innovation, and Assistant Vice President of Administration at Seton Hall University. “By providing our new incoming students with the Nokia Lumia 900, Seton Hall University can expand our existing Windows services and infrastructure while providing a unique, high quality, dynamic and engaging mobile experience.”

    All Seton Hall students have access to SHUmobile, an app available across multiple platforms that provides access to campus news feeds, directories and maps. However, Seton Hall freshmen will have access to a custom Freshmen Experience component of this app exclusive to the Lumia 900. This personalized element adds customized social media integration and direct communication channels with their freshmen peers, peer academic advisors, housing information and roommates. Additionally, the University will leverage Nokia Data Gathering, recently made available for Windows Phone, to communicate with the incoming freshmen beginning this summer by conducting polls, providing information to help students prepare for college and to learn how the Lumia 900 and other technologies are being used.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!