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    April 13, 2012

    Samsung’s multi-platform ChatOn Messaging app hits BlackBerry

    Samsung’s messaging service ChatOn has taken another step to becoming a multi-platform application by launching a new client for BlackBerry devices adding to its existing Android and iOS apps.

    ChatOn was first launched by Samsung in August 2011 with the electronics company touting it as a new multi-platform mobile messaging service “capable of sending text, images and video clips between the company‘s range of Android and Bada smartphone devices but also rival platforms.”

    While the app comes bundled with Samsung devices, smartphone owners have been able to download it from Google Play for Android since October last year and the iOs version of the app for iPhone available from The App Store from the beginning of this year. The Android app has seen between 500,000 and one million downloads since its launch although it has begun to tail off in the past few months.

    Having now launched on BlackBerry, Samsung only needs now to launch on Windows Phones, something that it committed to do when it first unveiled its plan for the cross-platform messaging service. Whilst Windows Phone is still flagging in terms of users, it is still one of the world‘s most popular mobile operating systems and Samsung will need to ensure it offers the app in order to become truly multi-platform and connect users regardless of what software powers their mobile device.

    At this time, there is no official word for Windows Phone availability.

    It is clear that ChatOn aims to rival that of BlackBerry’s BBM and Apple’s iMessage services and once it launches across all platforms will allow smartphone owners to chat with family and friends for free by bypassing the carriers completely.

    To learn more about ChatOn, watch the video below:

    To download ChatOn for BlackBerry visit this link on your device.

    Source: The Next Web 

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