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    September 5, 2016

    Samsung’s foldable device range could be called ‘Galaxy Wing’

    Samsung's foldable device range could be called 'Galaxy Wing'

    New patents show that Samsung’s upcoming range of foldable devices – such as bracelets and potentially phones – could be titled ‘Galaxy Wing’.

    For a while now, Samsung has been rumoured to be neck-deep in the development of a foldable device range. We’ve previously reported that the company’s Project Valley initiative is working to create a foldable phone or tablet, and now we might have clarification on what the range itself could be called – Galaxy Wing.

    It’s one word away from Chicken Wing, so it’s got that going for it.

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    A new series of patents review Samsung’s design for a series of foldable and wrappable devices that will constitute a line under the Galaxy Wing name. Those devices include one particular gadget which will seemingly be able to fold out from a bracelet style design into a rectangular touch surface close to what we’d term a tablet, though this could, in fact, refer to two separate devices.

    Samsung's foldable device range could be called 'Galaxy Wing'

    One of the patents depicting one (or potentially two) Galaxy Wing devices in wearable and ‘tablet’ mode.

    The Galaxy Wing lineup would be a major break outside of Samsung’s present Galaxy range, which is constituted by phones and tablets, while its wearable device lineup falls under the banner of Gear.

    It’s perhaps fitting that a device which could potentially alternate between being a wearable or a ‘phone’ be placed under the company’s Galaxy line, as it was rumoured that the fruits of the company’s Project Valley initiative would take the form of a Galaxy tablet.

    It remains unclear whether the Galaxy Wing patent will ever see the light of day, or which territories will actually see the final product.

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    What are your thoughts on Samsung’s leaked foldable device patents? Could you see yourself wearing the pictured device out in the wild? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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