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    April 12, 2012

    Visiting the Samsung Connect Cape Town Consumer Day

    On Sunday 25 March, I headed down to the Cape Town International Convention Centre for the Samsung Connect Cape Town Consumer Day. Having written about and read reviews of Samsung’s previous and newly launched tehnologies I wanted to see them for myself and discover what else Samsung had to offer in the world of consumer electronics. More specifically I was curious about experiencing the new Samsung SMART TV.

    Inside the event:

    I attended the event at around mid-day thinking that it would be in full swing by then. A quick, easy and free registration process and I was in the door. Unfortunately, while it was by no means empty, the hall wasn’t packed. This may have been because of the way in which the different areas (demonstrations, product showcase and cooking demonstrations ) were set up. Rather than collectively occupy the entire hall with music, demo’s and DJs which may have created a far more exciting and buzz-worthy atmosphere, the areas were fairly quiet and separated from one another. It may have also been because most people at that time were out for lunch on a hot and sunny day in Cape Town.

    As soon as I walked in I headed straight to the product showcase area. The variety of products on display were extensive and ranged from mobile phones, tablets and TVs to washing machines, microwaves and speakers.  There was a lot to see and what’s more, most of the products could be tested out and played with.  Samsung officials occupied the entire space and could provide knowledge and advice about the various products on display. They were very helpful and happy to assist.

    Galaxy Tab 10.1:

    After looking at the various smartphones, cameras and the Samsung Galaxy Note, the size of which I found would take some getting used to (see our review here), I went for Samsung’s latest product offering – the 10.1 Galaxy Tab. The tablet is sleek looking, the screen sharp and the navigation user friendly. The tablet also displayed a demo video on screen showing the various specs, applications and features. The tablet, that has a 1GHz dual-core Tigra 2 processor and runs on Honeycomb (Google’s latest OS for tablets), also offers Samsung’s upgraded Touchwiz user interface, Music, Social and Reader’s Hub, front facing 2 mega-pixel camera and back facing 3 mega-pixel camera with LED flash and HSPA+ downloads up to 21 Mbps.

    Samsung Smart TV:

    I then made my way to the TV area where rows of LED screens lined up alongside one another displaying very bright and sharp images. I was very impressed and could think only about how I could get one for myself. However, if a traditional TV is too ordinary for you, then Samsung’s new Smart TV will certainly push your buttons. The Smart TV as displayed in the main hall and from watching a demonstration, offers three exciting features: facial recognition, voice sensor control and movement control. In addition to the remote control with touch pad, the TV can be controlled through either voice commands or simple hands gestures.

    Also, each user (and there can be multiple) can login to the TV with facial recognition to an individual account and browse the internet, watch and record programmes and launch all the downloaded apps. Users can also engage with one of Sumsung’s three apps that will now come standard with all Smart TVs namely Family Store, Fitness and Kids. Family Store allows each family member to upload images, reminders and content all of which can be shared with other family members and owners of a Smart TV similar to a social networking site. Fitness allows users to make use of the built-in fitness training programme, record results and weigh-in using the built in camera. The Smart TV was by far my favourite product.

    Other products:

    Other products on the floor included 3D LED TVs, speakers, family entertainment systems, the Smart camera that uses wi-fi to instantly upload, share and send pictures, a portable hobb for cooking almost anywhere and a cleaning robot called Rambo-P that goes to work all on its own. Another innovative product was the Smart School Solution, an e-board that enables screen sharing between the teacher and a student’s device. It might be a while before we see this in South African classrooms.

    Overall impression: 

    While overall I enjoyed the product line available, the event didn’t seem as well attended as I expected, especially since it was free. The layout was very simple and the event as a whole lacked the  buzz and excitement I was expecting. I do hope that the event livened up after 6pm when the scheduled DJs and musical acts took the stage. Still, giving attendees the opportunity to experience the products first hand and discover more of what Samsung offers did make it worthwhile.

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    Did you attend the Samsung Connect Consumer Day in Cape Town – what did you think of the event?

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