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    July 18, 2012

    Raspberry Pi now available in SA with RS Components

    RS Components, the world‘s largest high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products, are now accepting general orders for Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized computer board developed to boost the uptake of computer programming among young people and enthusiasts. Orders can be placed by visiting their website and entering/searching for stock number 756-8308.

    The Raspberry Pi is a miniature ARM-based PC and by connecting it to a monitor or TV and keyboard, budding computer programmers can use the power of the Raspberry Pi to develop new programs, games and apps, enabling the board to then handle many of the tasks traditionally performed by a PC, such as Internet browsing, word processing and spreadsheets. It also plays high-definition video.

    RS customers worldwide can now order multiple quantities of the Raspberry Pi Model B board, along with the associated accessories to enable users to get started, including SD cards pre-loaded with the Raspberry Pi operating system and unique cases for safer storage. All customers will be provided with a forecasted future delivery date when placing their order.

    Previously available only from the dedicated RS online Pi Store, businesses, engineering professionals and educational institutions can now route their Raspberry Pi order through the local RS websites.

    While existing orders for Raspberry Pi will continue to be fulfilled through the next few months, the ramp-up of production has enabled RS to lift the restrictions on the number of units per customer. Orders can now be placed for unlimited quantities of Raspberry Pi and the associated accessories without the requirement to register or to receive an invitation to order. These orders will start reaching customers by the end of September.

    “œThere have been extraordinary levels of demand for Raspberry Pi since its launch earlier this year, so we have no doubt that customers worldwide will welcome the volume availability of the boards,“ said Glenn Jarrett, Global Head of Product Marketing, RS. “œMany interesting Raspberry Pi projects have already sprouted in the few months since we started shipping the product, and the release of unlimited quantities will open up opportunities to prospective programmers on a mass scale.“

    The Raspberry Pi boards from RS are priced at R299.99, excluding VAT.

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity established to promote the development of computer development skills in education across the globe. Its vision is for Raspberry Pi to provide budding IT developers and programmers with a base platform to exploit the full power and potential of computing within the Linux environment, at a remarkably low cost. As such, Raspberry Pi computers act as an enabler for the next generation of programmers to enter the IT industry.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!