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    October 28, 2011

    Pons + Huot Offices – Paris, France

    Pons and Huot are two companies that architect and designer Christian Pottgiesser decided to combine for their joint headquarters in Paris, France. The office occupies the space of a revamped 19th-century industrial hall fitted with a steel framework that is a typical feature of that period and rumoured to have been realised by Gustave Eiffel, the architect behind the famous Eiffel Tower.

    The space is home to 15 executives in total with an individual room for each director, housed on the mezzanine level,  and open plan working spaces for the rest of the employees. The Plexiglas bubbles over each working station create a sense of privacy in the large open space of wooden surfaces, large Ficus Panda trees and floating staircases that bring it to life. Most of the space that the architects were asked to create is accommodated within a 1.7 metre high box of solid oak that spans the entire interior. Other communal areas include a meeting-room, recreational room, kitchen and rest rooms.

    source: contemporist



    Listen in to our latest podcast!