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    February 20, 2012

    Play while you work: LEGO offices, Denmark

    The office pictures below of LEGO’s development department office in Billund, Denmark provides some insight into how the company comes up with its fun, colourful and inventive figures and sets. The creation of Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord, the open plan space is a grown-up’s playground that focuses on creativity, imagination, and innovation.

    On the ground floor, staff are provided with a number of informal meeting spaces where they can exchange ideas and interact with one another. Lounge areas lie between individual workspaces, displays, model-building tables and a library of Lego pieces.

    On the first floor, the balcony has been expanded to make room for eight glass-fronted brightly coloured meeting rooms. The two floors are connected by a fun slide that makes it easy to make a fast escape from meetings and head for the various other meeting areas on the ground floor, where occupants land on a bulls-eye in the centre of the office.

    The entire office space is filled with brightly coloured furniture, LEGO displays, natural light and glass doors.

    Sources: psfk.com, Office Snapshots; Photographs by: Anders Sune burg

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • It wouldn’t hurt to have a little inspiration in the office, right? And I’m sure those LEGO’s gives inspiration to the employees that works in that office. They sure are pretty lucky to have that in their office. Well, they are the makers of LEGO after all.